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Vatican confirms same-sex marriage-opposing Kentucky clerk Kim Davis had private meeting with Pope Francis

I wonder if he told her to take it down a notch. Hmm yeah, probably not…


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The congressman and the possibly Holy Grail

so this guy grabs the glass the Pope was drinking out of and he and his wife drinks out of it, saving some to put in a bottle and sprinkle on his grand kids. he says “”I’m sure it’s blessed if the Pope drank out of it. Why not?” Brady said. “If not, I’m saying it is.” Even if it’s not blessed, I’m saying it is. Even if it’s not true I’m saying it’s true. Can you really wonder why some of us just can’t believe this stuff…


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The Pope to release rock album – hear new song ‘Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!’

I have lived long enough to see everything now I guess…


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Transgender students have ‘mental disorder,’ Edmonton Catholic school trustee says

Larry Kowalczyk, educated in Catholic school, has a bachelor of education and graduate diploma in educational administration which apparently qualifies him to make a mass diagnosis of people I doubt he has ever even knowingly been in the same room with. Ignorance of this kind, with a wealth of information available anytime, at your fingertips, is undoubtedly, a “sin”. Don’t you think…


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Catholic Bishops In Kenya Call For A Boycott Of Polio Vaccines


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Christopher Hitchens – [2007] – In Seattle discussing ‘god is Not Great’

Expecting an opponent to debate and finding none upon arrival, Hitchens has a debate against himself and is simultaneously hilarious and erudite, my favorite part being when he uses Huck Finn and Jim to prove how morality is innate in us and not bestowed by any supernatural force…

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“For 20 years I worked in a closet:” Catholic vice-principal ‘comes out’ in book


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John Lydon ‘anti-religious’ painting used as new Public Image Ltd album cover

In the video at the bottom of the page he talks about going to Catholic school and learning to sing bad so the priests wouldn’t have access to him…


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In a funk about the “New Atheism”

very honest Catholic writer here…


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The Pope’s advice to trans people? ‘Accept the body God gave you’

today’s example of people who don’t know what the hell they are talking about, marriage equality opponent and Mr. Potato Head stand in…


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