The Vast Indifference of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame–Warren Zevon

I don’t usually reblog anything that doesn’t have to do with religion in some way, but this is a subject near and dear to my heart…

Tiny White Box--Thoughts on Life, Death, Recovery, and Other Mundane Topics

Halls of fame are designed to honor the greatest folks in a particular area of expertise.  As a kid, I could name two-thirds of the players in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and explain why they did (or didn’t—I’m looking at you Joe Tinkers, Johnny Evers, and Frank Chance, you recipients of Franklin P. Adams doggerel) belong.  Likewise, I could talk about the players active at the time who absolutely would belong (Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose—oops on that last one) and which ones would be hard-pressed to get in (Carleton Fisk, Jim Rice, Luis Tiant—right on one count, so far).  The Baseball Hall of Fame was designed to honor those chosen, not dishonor the players who would still need to pay their way into the museum.  There were a ton of problems with the selection process for the Hall of Fame, but a kid could look at the…

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