David Bowie

In August of 2011, I started a David Bowie​ twitter called @BowieComeBack after talking to my son about our shared love for David Bowie and I naively thought that somehow, maybe, possibly, another Bowie twitter begging for something new from the artist might sway him to put something out. A year and a half later, my son awoke me around 2am January 8th, 2013 to tell me that Bowie had released a new album. I lay in bed thinking, “can this be true, is it possible?” I got up trying to be as quiet as I could because my wife worked the next morning, and sleep at that point would never happen, took my laptop to the bathroom and watched the video Where Are We Now. It was the best day.
It still doesn’t seem real, that 3 years later, in the early morning, I could once again be in bed, this time stupidly blinking into my wife’s face as she calmly told me not to go on the internet before I talked to my son. Trying to understand what I was being told. Something bad had happened…something impossible and unthinkable…I have talked to people from all over the world about David Bowie, through twitter. The only other death I can think to compare this to would be Elvis Presley in terms of shock and a feeling of loss and emptiness. I was only 9 when Presley died and couldn’t really comprehend what the world felt when that happened. It must have been like this…
I know some people won’t understand how you can cry for someone you’ve never met. How you could feel such a profound sadness, almost as if it was a family member. I’m talking to people on twitter as I write this, that don’t know what to do with themselves, who have been sitting in the same position since they found out, just crying over this.
This is how I feel about it.
Some of us are well adjusted and popular. We’ve always had friends, social interaction comes easily and life is good. Our families have always been supported and we “fit in”. Some of us are not so well adjusted or popular. Some of us don’t make friends so easily, social interactions don’t come easily and life has not always been good. Our families were not supportive and we never felt like we fit in anywhere. You can recognize us of the latter persuasion easily. Sometimes there are others who feel that way but have always hidden it. They are there too.
This is where someone like Bowie comes in. Correction: not someone like him. There was, is, no one like him. He was all things to everyone. Dressed as a woman, a spaceman, an alien, royalty. He was masculine and feminine at the same time. He told you, you don’t have to fit in. There is a place for you. You can be yourself. You don’t have to be like everyone else. You fit in with us. Those that don’t fit in. That’s how I feel about it. I may be wrong, this is not well thought out and I’m speaking from emotion, trying to write this while trying to keep up with the outpouring of feelings on twitter. What more is there to say? I’ve run out of words for now except to say, think on this…
He knew he was dying and dedicated the last months of his life to making one last album. His long time producer Tony Visconti called it his “gift to his fans”. He didn’t need the money. It wasn’t for publicity or sympathy because no one knew about the cancer till today. It was a final, selfless act that anyone who loved him can point to with pride and say, “see, this is why I loved him so much. because he loved me back…”


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