Michelle Duggar, a transgender-hating hypocrite of the highest order


 LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Although the Josh Duggar molestation drama continues to unfold, enough details have surfaced to show that his mother, Michelle Duggar, knowingly harbored an actual pedophile while at the same time publicly accusing trans women of being “pedophiles, waiting to prey on children in restrooms.”

These unfounded and blatantly false fear tactics perpetrated by Michelle Duggar easily caused greater harm to members of the transgender community than the damage caused by her son’s molesting. Hate-generated rage is one of the major causes of violence to trans people.

Last summer, she accused transgender people of being “pedophiles” and therefore not worthy of human rights. We now know that pedophiles aren’t really a major concern with her. She just simply hates us and she’ll say anything to get others to hate us, too.


Hate monger. Hypocrite. Michelle Duggar is the single worst human being I’ve ever…

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