A professional astrologer realizes astrology isn’t real

Under the Greenwood Tree

Rudolf Smit Rudolf Smit

Rudolf Smit loved astronomy as a child, and now he loves astrology… but he no longer believes it’s real.  There was a time when he was a full-time consulting astrologer and widely admired astrology author.  Founder of the Society of Practising Astrologers in the Netherlands and deeply passionate about a belief he found quite beautiful, Smit authored an astrology handbook and wrote popular articles for Dutch astrology publications like Earth & Cosmos and The Planets Speak.

The planets failed to reveal the shock that was to come.

In a moving autobiographical essay on his website Astrology and Science, Smit tells his story.  Born in 1942, he began to fall in love with astrology in the late 1960s, but not without a healthy dose of skepticism:

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