Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris on is there an afterlife full debate

I have been anesthetized or “put under” four times and each time has been an experience of nothingness. No thought or dreams or concept of time passing fast or slowly. One might say its comparable to sleep except after most sleep, dreams are remembered, whereas with anesthetic, oblivion is total. Its this experience or lack of it, that convinces me more than anything else that there is no afterlife. The brain can be damaged by injury or disease with all most pinpoint accuracy so a person can not recognize faces but can identify tools, or forms of dementia can obliterate everything that a person once was. How can we recognize this yet still believe that our thoughts and personality can rise off of our physical being after death and continue on when a needle in the vein and a measured amount of man made potion can suppress all that we are for whatever amount of time we deem necessary? It can’t be believed by anyone who is willing to honestly sit and think about it…


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