Sutcliffe: Don’t like the Ice Bucket Challenge? Get over it

100 percent agreement…

Ottawa Citizen

One of the most effective measures of success for any venture is the level of petty criticism it inspires. The latest relevant example is the pervasive, relentless and astonishingly effective Ice Bucket Challenge.

I won’t bother explaining what that is. As of this week, the number of participants to date is roughly the same as the number of people who, along with Sidney Crosby, were not arrested in Ottawa this week. (Full disclosure: I accepted the challenge in August).

Not surprisingly, considering it’s so simple and successful, the campaign has been greeted with a deluge of icy comments. Very little of the grumpy derision has been based in fact or substance.

Early critics argued it was silly and ineffective because not all the celebrities dumping water on their heads were actually mentioning ALS. Participants were supposedly avoiding a donation rather than making one. Those arguments have abated since the news…

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