Moar bad stuff from Satan (and the Pope)

Why Evolution Is True

I must have demons on the brain today. Reader Miss May sent me this picture, and I’ve verified the quotes from Goodreads and Joyce Meyer’s document, “Helping your kids win the battle in their mind.


Meyer is one of America’s most famous religious speakers, a Charismatic Christian who, of course, lives lavishly with several homes and a private jet. Her book on the Battlefield of the Mind for Teens has 4.5 stars on Amazon.

Here’s a similar statement from a man known for his humility, who refuses to live lavishly. I made this slide for my talk in Kamloops, and the quote comes from a radio broadcast last November by the Pope:

Picture 1

The denigration of reason in favor of obedience and faith is, of course, a constant strain in Christianity, both Catholic and otherwise. Nobody made more statements about the dangers of reason than Martin Luther. (Remember, too, that…

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