Krauss is at the peak of his speaking abilities here. Just about the best I have heard from him in a debate yet.

Why Evolution Is True

This short clip was excerpted by reader Brian from a longer debate in Australia between physicist Lawrence Krauss and Uthman Badar, the media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a Muslim organization. It’s a very concise presentation of the difference between science and theology, and of why theology doesn’t find “truth.” I have long used the quote by Feynman, which is one of my favorites.

You can find the full two-hour debate here.

The YouTube notes:

Discussion forum held at the ANU, Canberra on 9 April 2012 entitled “Belief in God: Prohibitive or Liberating?” Dr. Lawrence Krauss and Uthman Badar discuss the following and related questions.

Is belief in God rational or irrational? What role should religion play in our private and public lives? Is science sufficient to make religion redundant? Is the way forward for humanity in the 21st century a return to God or the completion of secularisation process of…

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