Why Evolution Is True

Christopher Hitchens died a year ago today—it seems longer, doesn’t it?—and of course nobody has emerged to fill the vast lacuna he left. His rhetorical skills were unmatchable.

Several months ago, reader Dermot C sent me an email in which he transcribed one of the great pieces of oratory delivered by Hitchens. I’ve saved this until today, and will let Dermot tell the story:

I have transcribed, for my own purposes, Hitchens’ great closing argument against William Dembski, after Hitch had been diagnosed with the cancer. No-one seems to have done it online, so I assume I’m the first to have copied the words out.  It’s great, if you don’t know it: delivered to an audience of young believers whom he appears to win over hugely, judging by his reception on the link.

No doubt at some time, perhaps the first anniversary of his death, you could use it.  In…

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