I always liked Star Trek. This is a great example of some of the ideas so relevant to the show.

Better Off Damned

It’s no secret that there is a lot of atheist perspectives espoused within the Star Trek franchise. And I am certainly not the first to write on the subject. However, with as diverse an audience as the various Trek series has had over the years, with fans around the globe from every walk of life, it seems it must have gone over a lot of heads. Or perhaps the matter is simply overlooked by those who would object to it. There’s no argument that, above all else, it is humanism (which can be embraced by those of almost any creed), which is the overarching philosophy of Star Trek. You might call it it’s Prime Directive.

Nevertheless, it’s apparent to anyone paying attention that in the Trek vision of our future, humanity has moved beyond religious beliefs and superstitions. In fact, even among most other alien races, religious beliefs and practices…

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