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I havent been innocent for 27 years

The last time I remember being innocent, I was maybe 10 or 11 years old. I remember laying on my little fold out couch where I slept in the living room. I slept there in the winter because the rest of the house was uninsulated and too cold in the winter. It was Christmas eve and my parents were in the kitchen. The lights of the Christmas tree illuminating my surroundings enough that I could add visuals to my excitement of being a child on that best of all nights before the best of all days.
And looking on the wall there was a pin up of Santa Clause in his sleigh. And I remember wondering, is it possible, is there really a Santa Clause? I had doubt but I still had a little bit of hope and faith left to wonder.
That is the last moment in my life I can remember being innocent.  
Never to come again or be revisited.

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