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Shangri La

Ive been thinking about you
Not like Ive had a choice
More often than not
Youre with me every night
We werent really that close
We ddint speak before you left
You werent better than anyone else
I couldnt say you were the best
But I saw you last night
Shangri la they called the place
Everybody had someone there
With a emerald sheen on their face
I could tell you werent feeling good
Youre clothes fit way too tight
But everybody there seemed happy
Together if only for one night
Youre wife seemed less than surprised
That you came around at all
She knew you couldnt stay long
Everyones curtain must fall
Everyone there had someone
A person close to their heart
I looked for a father figure
But no one stepped up to the part
So I talked to you for  awhile
To fit in, in that awkward sort of way
You did most of the talking
I wouldnt have know what to say
To be honest I wish you never came
I wish that I never was there
Go back to where you belong
And leave me with the living right here
Im sorry for the way you left
And I hope you somehow find peace
But please leave me with what little I have
And tonight, pass over me.

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