The Vampire in the Gym

i am in a school gym, lots of people around on the bleachers and the like. we are watching some sort of performance by gymnasts or the like one of the performers seems to fall over on some sort of pipe and appears to be badly injured. i am standing off to the side and when i see this i run over right away. this woman puts her arm around me and uses me for support telling everyone she is ok. i help her off to the side and she does not appear to be hurt at all. now she is standing with her back to the wall and throws her arms around my neck and starts to make out with me right there. im stunned and dont really know how to respond. then she moves to my necik and this wave of pleasure washes over me. she pulls back and smiles and all her teeth are sharp and pointed. she gives me a little card and tells me to come and see her there anytime.
the phone rings and wakes me up.
End of dream.

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