My Ex Clamps Down

I am at my sisters house in Rexton. i live there and so does my ex. the kids are not there. i walk out of my bedroom and my ex,(ok this is weird but i said i would put down anything i dream, so here goes), walks up to me and grabs me by my privates and squeezes while laughing at me. Being in pain i fall to the floor and beg to be let go. after much pleading she does. i get up and go to the bedroom where i start to pack my stuff, while she is walking around acting like everything is just fine and saying i dont know why you want to leave but go if you want to. as im walking past a mirror in the bathroom, i can see on my neck this huge hickey, as if it was a continuation from the last dream.
the phone rings again in the real world and i wake up.
end of dream.

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