I Wasn’t Stalking You, Honest

Im standing on the corner, down by where the nuns live on King St. by the fence and my Dad is there. why i dont know. but im happy that he is. im talking to him and bouncing on the fence like a kid and i look sideways and i see a woman i know staring at me from the window of an apartment building. she has a frown on her face and i think to myself, she thinks im here to bug her. but i didnt even know she lived here. she leaves the window and my dad says come on lets go inside. i dont really want to cause he wants me to go into the building where she is. so we go inside and somehow i lose track of him. the place is a mad house, like some kind of ghetto building with everyones doors open and kids running all through the halls. she is on the top floor and i make my way up to there and see that her door is open too and she is in there cleaning the bathroom.
something else happened too, i think i had supper with the people across the hall but i dont really remember that part clearly.
thats all i remember.

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