Amazing Dogs

i am helping someone move into a house. they have a tractor trailer backed up to the door and there are about 3 of us moving things. i pick up something to bring it in  and one of the people i am with tells me never mind putting things where they tell you to, just pile things against a wall and keep piling up and up so we can be done quicker. i carry something up stairs and into a bedroom. it is a really large room because there are three double beds in this room. after this i am suddenly outside on a ledge and trying to go back down to the ground. i know i can make it down but im scared to. someone there i pushing me to try to go down, but i just cant budge myself. looking to the side i see a building across the way and theres a couple of dogs running around on the ledge over there. one of them runs straight down the side of the building. the other wants to but doesnt seem to be able to. i say look at that dog do that. im amazed but no one else seems to think it unusual. theres another dogs going down the building hanging on to a rope. again this is amazing to me but no one else seems to take notice.
thats all i remember.

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