Dream Of The Thief

follow me down
into a dream
everything here
as you want it to be
playing at your feet
like a puppy wanting attention
the waves caress you
almost too softly to mention
and if you like
you can leave it behind
feel the burning sand
let it clear your mind
the wind is singing
a song for you
soft in your ear
as a lover might do
brushing the hair
gently from your face
tracing the outline
of perfectly formed grace
the clouds in the sky
form shapes in your eyes
of birds on the wing
and balloons on the rise
dragons and knights
white horses gallop fast
filling your head
and erasing the past
shining in the water
a miracle of nature
waiting for you
to fullfill a simple pleasure
a rough sharp edge
holds a beauty to your eye
the white of the shell
imitating clouds in the sky
a house on the beach
your home on the sand
a castle built by children
with love passed thru their hands
the perfect marriage
two beauties of the day
the sky reflects her eyes
in shades of blue and grey
the clouds soft as cotton
like the hair upon her head
raindrops are tears that fall
for everything she’s ever said
the water down at her feet
where all things long to be
carries the scent of a far off place
and a little part of me
she’s leaving with the sun
the water is turning to tears
only the wind and the sky can follow
and the sand now cools with fear
her castle of sand will crumble
her joy was its foundation
existing for her and her alone
its purpose her adultation
under bitter snow and ice
a fire for her still burns
sand and water remember her well
and wait for her return
the clouds and sky will admit if asked
love her like all the rest
and know their place compared to her
is always second best
she’s taking a memory as she goes
for all good things must end
a dream to later be embraced
like a once thought long lost friend
off on the hill sitting alone
is where i would love to stay
watching her move in and out of the waves
i could pass the rest of my days
it cannot be, my wish is in vain
i let her go to be free
i am but a thief who stole some time
to be with her in a dream
i pull the shade down across the scene
as dawn now breaks the night
soon she will awake again
to the bitter winter light
my privilege was for a time so short
to see her walk the sand
her image fades and all i have left
is the shell that fell from her hand

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