adventures with coffee

the other day, a couple friends of mine took me to the mall for christmas shopping. being early in the morning and not wanting to be up at that time, coffee was the thing for all three of us. i would have been content to go to Tim Hortons but they wanted me to try another kind of coffee. the expensive kind. turns out i was paying too but thats ok. we get to the counter of this shop and i ask for regular coffee two cream and two sugar. right away i am labeled as a freak for being so plain. my response being that i dont need to bring a list when i order my coffee, the two of them then proceeded to order some double late espresso, al pacino, that you eat with spoon and need a cart to push to one of the little tables off to the side. oh and dont forget the candy cane sprinkles. hmmmm. in my innocence of the ways of the coffee world i then asked why my coffee was black when i asked for two and two. they educated me as to how to put the cream and sugar in myself. now for the tip. what tip? i asked. i have to give a tip and they make me put the cream and sugar in myself?  so i go around to the side and they dont have creamers but open cartons of milk and cream. wow this is service. all to the tune of just under 10 bucks for 1 cup of coffee self serve and two cups of something that looked more like the special from Dairy Queen than caffine beverages.
i guess i just wasnt cut out to be high classed.
merry christmas. im off now to have a cup of no name coffee from Needs. sugar and canned milk. yum.

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