I Think I’m Lost

i think im lost
cant find my way
no words to explain
nothing more to say
i watched the sun
coming up today
and i watched it set
in the same old fashioned way
i thought i heard you speaking
was that you on the corner
of the street
so many people walking and talking
but its never the one
i hope to meet
i think im lost
somebody hold up a light
part the shades
light a candle for me tonight
ive got a fever
im freezing its so cold
feeling kinda small
and a little bit too old
isnt it funny
how things turn out to be
we go on living
never seeing what is real
now im too numb to care
too scared to feel
i think im lost
i cant find my way
but ill be here tomorrow
just like i am here today
cause the paths we take
and the things we ignore
someday wont be there
to put aside anymore
but this cloud over me
seems like its here to stay
and i think im lost
and i cant find my way

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