I Am A Memory

I am the water
That floods the river bank in spring
With the potential to bring life
Yet eventually I will recede
I am the summer heat
Shimmering off the blacktop
An illusion to the eye
Disappearing the closer you get
I am the dust from wheels
Of a car on a dirt road
That you never think twice about
As it fades behind you
I am the wind
Bringing a tear to your eye
Strong yet easy to shut out
With a wink and nod
I am the leaves
Carried by the wind
Tossed and turned upon itself
My destination unknown even to me
I am a fog
Impenetrable to the eye
Yet easily brushed aside
By the wave of an uncaring hand
I am the rain
Washing away the dirt of life
Blending into mud
That no one has a use for
I am a rainbow
Seen differently by everyone
Vast and beautiful
But fading quickly into the blue
I am a ray of light
Coming thru the clouds at sunset
Living to sparkle for a moment in your eye
Before I must bow out to the night
I am the foam
On the crest of a wave
I exist till I touch the shore
And then I am gone
I am the smoke
From a driftwood fire
Curling up into the sky
floating away like a dream in the morning
I am the scent of something
You think you can place
But just before you have it
I am gone again
I am the snow flake
Melting as it hits the ground
Always changing
And never the same way twice
I am the ice
Making you unsure of your steps
Dangerous at its best
And cracking under pressure
I was a thought
That you entertained for a second
Then thought better of
And laughed as you forgot me
I will be a memory
Taken out of its shoebox
To be looked at with fondness
And regret that a memory is all I am.

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