Thought, Reality, and a Dream

I could
If I wanted to
Get on a bus
To some no name place
Become just another
No name face
Stand at the road
Stick out my thumb
Ride off somewhere
Maybe theres a no name woman
Waiting for me there
Just like I thought
Many times before
Maybe the time will come
Youll wonder where I went
Wonder what Ive done
And I will think of you
When the night is fading away
In early morning light
When memories are leaving
Youll still be in my mind
As I remember what was
And what was not
All the things I could not see
How innocent you were
And how cruel I could be
In a dream you held me from behind
With your arms around me tight
Your head upon my back
And all you could say
If I hold you like this, you cant push me away.

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