All That’s Left

What is there really left to say
Sitting here alone at the end of the day
Thoughts and words just dont seem right
Theres no way to say them at the end of the night
Every little thing that I thought I knew
Maybe its wrong, am I getting thru
Ill make it easy for you
Remembering all the good times we had
I couldnt believe they were all that bad
Sometimes I wonder what makes us choose
When you know you cant win you got nothing to lose
No use for tears no time to cry
When all thats left is the last goodbye
Ill make it easy for you
Take a look around tell me what you see
There must be a million thats better than me
You want a lot of things that I cant give
The way we’re living aint a way to live
I took a big chance and I rolled the dice
Sometimes the gamble dont work out right
Ill make it easy for you
I cant forget you
And I wouldnt try
You know I still love you
And sometimes goodbye
Just dont sound right
So Ill see you later somewhere down the line
You can think of me a bit from time to time
Just remember the way I made you laugh
Dont think about hearts that are cut in half
Maybe someday youll change your mind
Ill be hanging around until that time
Ill make it easy for you

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