Home Cooking

a little something for Lord Nial. havent we all had a meal like this at one time or another?
Youre a spoiled piece of pastry
I wish I’d never touched
All that I can say to you
Is thank you very much
For all the lies you fed me
That I was more than happy to eat
You served it up with no name class
It was a meal that you couldnt  beat
You knew that I was starving when you met me
And you said you’d cook something good
I never thought that it would taste so bitter
I never thought anything ever could
I love the way you threw in
All those I love you’s in the pot
How I was the best you ever had
Was the best I ever got
Youve made me sick to my stomach
Theres vomit stuck in my throat
Id throw up if you were worth it
So full of hate that I could choke
Youre appetizers were tempting
The meal was good till half way thru
The desert was damn revolting
But not half as much as you
Youre a tainted salmonella dish
With a distictly seafood smell
I hope your contaminated words of love
In the future serve you well
In closing thanks for a lovely meal
Let me leave you with these words
I hope you find someone just like you
And you get what you deserve.

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