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im living in a third world country right in my own home.

sometimes i really hate this place. i got used to not caring about material possessions. but one thing i do value is books. i have a collection of wrestling biographies and autobiographies, some signed by the authors. today walking thru the pigsty of a dining room, i find the cover for one of my books torn and destroyed on the floor. take my books and move them from the shelf into my room, and find the toy my dad had when he was a kid, well over 70 years ago is broken too.
the friggin fridge is disgusting, the floor has enough food on it to make another meal for someone else, the bathroom makes public washrooms in gas stations look like a place to sit down and have a nice meal.
the only room in this place which is decent is my room and if i leave for work or something like that when i come back its full of toys and clothes and stuff that aint mine. i cannot, repeat, cannot wait for the day when im out of here. for a long time i tried to keep up with all of it myself. full time job and then come home and clean. you want laundry, just look anywhere on the floor and you will find lots. empty bottles and what not. one time i counted the days that an empty beer case laid on its side by the stove in the kitchen for about 4 days before i couldnt stand to look at it anymore and threw it into the dining room where it say for another day until i picked it up and threw it it the garbage.
blahhh. i f’in hate this. when im out i aint looking back.

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a little experiment of my own design. i have never written anything when i was drunk before. i dont even know if i can. does it make any sense? does it matter if it does or not?
i am liquid
i am wax
poured out
over glass
i am time
and infinite space
alone and lost
in a god forsaken place
muscles twitch
and joints that ache
and a heart that wont stop
when it starts to break
saddled with the burden
the memory of you
that plagues my dreams
as no one could do
i am a memory
in someones mind
only existing
for that one moment in time
i am shadow
when daylight grows dim
i am moonlight
when the darkness sets in
i am wind in your hair
and a whisper in your ear
i am the words
that you refuse to hear
i am pain
and a contrast of ideas
i am love
and i am hate
and all that is terrible
and all that is great
feelings that have
no mouth to speak
i am the ledge
when you stand on the peak
the clouds in the sky
and the sea far below
and all in between
and all you will know
i am life waiting to be born
i am death
come early in the morn
more than you can ever comprehend
take me as lover
or only as friend
i am the great unknown
that scares you
when you are all alone
i am the thought
that you seek to surpress
i am the worst
and always the best
the flower
that withers and dies
the tears of the child
abandoned, who cries
i am the mirror
that reflects what you are
in the whole universe
one single star
stare into my eyes
if you can
and then you tell me
just what i am

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I Will Try

At the edge of all good things
Where dusk meets dawn
I sit alone and think
Of all the things
I have set my eyes upon.
All those who I have loved
Now and forever more gone
They only exist in my memory
Shadows fading
Blurred images
Of what they used to be
I am filled
With a self hate and loathing
For all the stupid things
The mistakes that fell from my lips in words
The hatred that kept my mouth frothing
But there is joy
Inside of me
And a longing for happiness
That I have never known
There are seeds
I have planted and cared for
Tenderly with love they were sown
I see their growth
In my children
And in my friends
I feel it
In a love
That seems to have no end
Near or far
Seperated or close
It matters not to me
I have resigned myself
To live with purpose
And what will be
Will be
I could tell you
I could show you
I could change for you
But what would it prove
You must believe first
That my words are true
So I will try
If you will allow
Leave the door open just a crack for me
And in all these things
You will see
How sincere I can be
If you stood in my place
What would you do?
Would you just let it slip away and die?
Forgive me
But I’m not sorry
I would not be a man, if I did not try.

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well heres something i dont talk much about. but i was talking to a friend of mine and the subject came up because of the way i think and connect things together.
i have tourettes. for those who dont know what that is…

Tourette Syndrome is best defined in the archives and pages of neurological conditions, syndromes, and disorders. Initially Tourette Syndrome was seen as extremely rare and an individual was viewed as having violent muscle contortions (motor tics) and vocal disruptions (vocal tics) combined with outburst of swearing and obscenities. (Tourette history) However Dr. David E. Comings writes in Tourette Syndrome and Human Behaviour, "…Tourette Syndrome is one of the most common genetic conditions affecting humanity and many more carry the trait."

now i do not have it that bad in any way shape or form. i have a very mild case of it. the thing with me is that if i am tired or stressed out, i will blink alot.  a squeezing together of the eyes in a rapid blink that is easily recognizable from normal blinking. it started when i was about 11 years old. thou they didnt really know what it was back then.

i never had anybody suggest to me that it might be tourettes until i was about 22 and went for an eye exam. i have since been properly diagnosed. was offered drugs but refused them. i have it so mildly that why bother. the drugs can alter the mind also and i dont want to give up who i am now that i am so much more comfortable with myself. it was tougher when i was a kid cause other kids can be very cruel. but they didnt understand and neither did i so you cant blame them.

somedays if i am stressed out or real tired it will come out. and i notice that some people will look at me strange like…. wow whats that guys problem. it puts me off of talking to people sometimes or saying what i really feel to their face cause if im worried about how they will react, i will start to blink more and that just makes me stressed more and then its a down hill snowball picking up speed.

im not really sure why i felt like talking about this. maybe i would just like a few people to know… if i say more or seem more personable when i am writing to them than talking to them, its not cause i dont like your company. its because if i have something i would like to say, i get complicated with it thinking what are they going to think of me? can they see past my face to hear what im saying? someone i know really well it hardly bothers me at all. but if you make me nervous, well i might be a little shy at first. but if i can feel at ease and trust you, then its a different story.

just so you know, theres a whole other story in the mind behind the story told on the face. if you take the time to look past what you see at first, you might find that the story was worth taking the time to listen to.

remember that people when you see someone that looks a little different to you.

Peace and love to the ones i love and im off to bed. nite all.


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I Got a Good Feeling

hey, you cant be sad all the time. when the feelings there you should go with it. and i feel it right now. its so nice to write something simple and happy for a change.
I’ve got a good feeling
That I can’t explain
Like something nice
Is gonna happen today
You put a smile on my face
And I’ve got a good feeling
That I can’t explain
I could get lost
Staring into your eyes
I said my peace
With no more lies
You put a smile on my face
And I’ve got a little feeling
That I can’t explain
And I wonder if you think of me
And if things were different
How would they be
And I wonder if you ever dream of me
And wonder how things might be
And I think of you
Before I go to sleep
And I pray the Lord
That he will keep
This smile you have put on my face
And this nice little feeling
That I can’t explain.

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I Am

I am… crazy.


Mad as a hatter.


I have to be.


What other explanation is there?


Explain it to me.


Imagination and Kisses.


And all the things I wrote


Wringing out my heart


For a precious drop of hope.


All those words


Trying to sway your heart


When I am here


Set so far apart


In time and years


In mind, body, soul


One too young


And one too old.


Its an old line


Really quite sad


Im going just very


Slightly mad.

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i dont usually think too much of the things i write but i think i did something right here.


Imagination is not reality
It does not fill the void inside of me
It will not keep me warm at night
Tell me the wrong from the right
Console me when I am sad
Comfort me when things go bad
Will it tell you of love
And look at the stars up above
Far from city lights
On hot summer nights
Will it stare into your eyes
And never tell you lies
With emotion beyond compare
That you will never find it’s equal anywhere
Will love bite it’s tounge
When your heart is won
By another one who feels for you
Something that you think might be true
Will it stand aside
When you hit your stride
Unbiased and unjudging
Forever and always wanting
To whisper only even as its heart lays shattered
As long as you’re happy, nothing else matters.
All that I am and all I will ever be
I throw down at your feet
To hope that one day
Somehow, someway
You will see
That imagination, is not reality.

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