Letter To Gabriel

Hey there,
How you doing?
Oh, I’m ok
I just thought I’d drop you a line
It’s been such a long time
And we never get to talk
I just wanted you to know
That I’ve been thinking about you
And I wish you were here
Boy, we sure could have had some fun
And you couldn’t have been lonely
Cause there’s always lots of company around
I’m laughing to myself thinking how the girls would have picked on you
Or mabey you on them eh?
Of course we would have a bigger place to live
And , oh well, I guess theres no use going on about what will never be
I can see your eyes, you know.
So blue
Just like my Dad’s
I imagine you would be
Just a little like him
Mabey a bit like me
Anyway, mabey we’ll talk again in a while
I hope you’re ok, where ever you are
And by the way
I miss you very much
Love Dad

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