Sand in the Sieve

I can hear it in your voice
As I walk away from you
Something on the edge of muscial
I can feel it when you put your hand on mine
Something on the edge of electricity
Something I don’t want to feel
But you are enticing
With an open invitation
And how am I supposed to resist
And how do I look away
When you say the things you say
When we’re alone
And I’m so tempted not to go home
There’s an empty page in the book of my life
And you fill in the lines
Leaving me to read between them
Things that I don’t want to know
A place that I don’t want to go
How was I supposed to know
It wass supposed to go slow
Don’t ask more of me than I can give
Don’t ask me to live a life I can’t live
My will is draining away slowly
Like fine sand through a sieve
Don’t talk
Don’t touch
Don’t look
Don’t plan
Don’t manipulate
Don’t plan for things when it’s already too late
Don’t tell me not to hesitate
Just go away
And leave me be
The way you found me
Peter Gabriel Growing Up
On the floor there’s a long wooden table
On the table there’s an open book
On the page there’s a detailed drawing
And on the drawing is the name I took

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