Damn good friend?

i would have never thought of that, relating me to you. not because i dont try, because i do. i know im not easy to get along with, and i must seem like a grumpy old bastard most of the time. but i try. i think im a little more relaxed now that ive got some things worked out in my head. ive realized that most of the things i used to get uptight about were only because of my own insecurities. now that i know its ok to take time for myself when i need it and just walk away from everything. it not easy to sleep alone every night, but you already know that all too well as i do. if i can wish something in common for both of us, its that we could each find someone to fill in the spaces inside and be happy with.

but im getting off the track. thank you for what you said is all i really came here for. thanks. but remember that everything you said to me can be reflected back and shines from you also.


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