i have been…

I have been, uninspired. but tonite i was walking home late and something just struck me out of the blue. i just seemed to realize how strange the world has become compared to what it used to be.

My father was born in 1922. He could remember being taken to school in a horse and cart. my how technology has changed the world. i work with computers every day. i doubt that back in 1997, the year my dad died, he would have even known what a computer was, or how to even turn one on. i feel like a link to the past. like an imposter in the technological world. my children find the idea of record players and only 3 channels on the tv foreign concepts, and that was really not that long ago. Personally i like computers and listening to music on mine, watching movies and every thing that has come with it. but, sometimes, late at night, like tonite, walking home, i somehow wish i was riding home in a horse drawn carriage, like my father did, so many years ago. when the world was simple, and a man knew his place and worth, by the work of his hands, and the stars and moonlight to guide him home at night.

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