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What does it matter to you if I am mad?

You do not need, and I am not obligated, to give you any approval or disapproval

All I owe anyone is my complete and total indifference

To walk thru the world untouched

I shall be quite alright. Yes.

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Am I never to be free of you?

I think I am, and you speak

I forgive everything like it never happened

And I pretend you dont know

Watching your hair as one lock falls across your face

The way your shirt rises with your movement

You give me no reason to love you

But I love you anyway

You are the theme song of the ultimate movie

And I laugh when you say you cant get a man

You who could have anyone you want

If you valued yourself enough

Gather round me my children

Put yourself in my arms

Hold me close and never let me go

Protect me from my own imagination

My Dark Angel

Manifest in reality

Thru you



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Pleasure and Torture

Why must I suffer your presence?

Show me no kindness

Show me no compassion

Better for me that you should spit in my face

And speak words of how worthless I am

For just to be in the same room with you

Is a pleasure

And torture

Both sweet

And somehow one and the same

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Calling Again

Dark Angel

Where are you tonite?

I dont feel you with me

My own creation

A figment of my imagination

I miss you by my side

Where is my guide?

My inspiration?

Thou you only exsist in my imagination

Sometimes I could feel you more strongly than people who are real

A spirit

My one true love

The only being who understands and accepts everything I believe

Where are you now?

Come to me Dark Angel

Let me feel your icy breath on the back of my neck once again

Wrap me in you cold wings of steel

Join me in my heartache and despair

Surely you too cannot have abandoned me

I await your return with open arms.

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The Purge part 2

here i go again

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I just got done watching a 2 hour webcast interview with Noel Gallagher from Oasis. Fucking great and reminded me why I love them so much. The best band in the world today. They saved my life, when I didn’t think I could take it anymore for a couple of weeks there I listened to Oasis every night for 2 or three hours and it got me thru. I love you Noel like you were family. Oasis is the bullocks and if you dont know what that means look it up.

Roll it Over

Gas Panic

Live Forever

Stop Crying your Heart Out


Married with Children


Dont Look Back in Anger

Whats the Story Morning Glory

Cast No Shadow

Dyou Know What I Mean

Magic Pie

Fade In-Out

Talk Tonite

Going Nowhere

Rockin Chair

Its Good To Be Free

Half the World Away


Put Yer Money Where Your Mouth Is

Little James

Where Did it All Go Wrong

Sunday Morning Call

I Can See a Liar

Little By Little

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I Am the Dead

Burning light

The light of all lights

Extinguished by the suffocating darkness

Take the shape of man

And walk the earth

Searching for a love lost centuries ago

I’ve crossed oceans of time

To come to this place

To stand here in front of you now

Will you let me walk away?

Will you tell me what I’ve come so far to hear?

Will you tell me you love me now as you once did so long ago?

Or will you let all this pass into dust?

A hopeless and senseless search

For the love of my life.

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Down Here at the Bottom

when you expect nothing to happen, thats when the strangest of all things will happen. its never what you expect and even if you wanted it you then wonder when you have it, why did you ever want it in the first place?
the light of all lights goes out when you need it the most and the arms that first brought comfort bring sorrow in the end.

Make of it what you will.

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NOthing ever goes as planned

well a friend of mine was supposed to come visit next week. now he cant come. hmmm should have just came. my ex offered him to come for a visit and was going to pay but he couldnt see his way to take it. Just like the game shows. should have taken the money.

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Guess thats just me

Talking to someone tonite and I said something before i realized it was out. "I cant be trusted. I’ll do anything to forget." What a thing to say eh. But I guess its true. Wouldnt be the first time that i hurt people i cared about to sooth my own feelings. I talk to a lady on line. Real nice person. But what can i say. I dont even know what im trying to say here. Awww crap. It was straight in my head earlier for just a sec and now its gone again. Guess Ill just have something to eat and go to bed. Continue my purge my next day off. till then ….

She Traps Lovers

or something like that

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